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Good quality 30 mm LED Pixel for sales
Good quality 30 mm LED Pixel for sales
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MJ Lighting Source Co.,ltd MJ Lighting Source Co.,ltd MJ Lighting Source Co.,ltd MJ Lighting Source Co.,ltd
LED pixel light line

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Business Type : Manufacturer
Main Market : North America
South America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Eastern Asia
Southeast Asia
Middle East
Brands : MJ
No. of Employees : 50~100
Year Established : 2012
Export p.c : 50% - 60%

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If you have desiged the drawing for some kinds of lightings, we can do the finish product regards to your drawing. products are in good quality and cheap price; or if you need the product have some functions, We can designed the product with that speciall characteristic to meet your requiryment


2.after-sales service

During your using our product, if there are fault products that due to our qulity,We will provide you the same one freely. If you have any questions on using the product, We will be gald to give you any help.


3.Warranty:3 years


Maybe you will have questions as below


(1)  What is LED pixel? What you have? 

      LED pixel is including wire and light body. it is a dot light. We can use it to make led letter signs,3D Channel letters.

RGB and fullcolor with IC will bring us beautiful viewing. We use RGB control to make it change color, Decoration our 


      We have 6mm, 9mm, 12mm,20mm,30mm,40mm,50mm led pixels. Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/White/Pink/Purple/RGB/

Fullcolor available.  1903 led pixel, 2812IC,8206,1916ic....

MJ Lighting Source Co.,ltd  MJ Lighting Source Co.,ltd  MJ Lighting Source Co.,ltd


(2) What is an RGB LED pixel


RGB means there is 3 leds in the lamp. Red, Green,Blue chips. There are 2 kinds of rgb pixels. 

RGB without IC. It use RGB Control to make it colorchanging. But it only can show 1 color a time. Red color or Green color or blue color.

single color flicking ,or one color change to another color.  

RGB with IC like 1903, 2811,2812,1916,2806..., It also named digital led pixels. RGB control control IC to make the light show any color

you want. So 1 string pixels can show many colors at a time.

MJ Lighting Source Co.,ltd   MJ Lighting Source Co.,ltd  MJ Lighting Source Co.,ltd


(2) How RGB LED pixel connect with driver and RGB Controller?

see the information below:

     MJ Lighting Source Co.,ltd   360W12V-GLC-V1 RGB controller is a use of the most advanced PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) digital control technology; switching can be achieved in different colors (jump), brightness adjustment, speed adjustment function, widely used in building lighting, KTV, bars and other night games, mainly for LED products: LED colorful hard / soft light bar, LED perforation lights, LED modules, etc.                                                          



型号/Model 360W12V-GLC-V1
输入电源/Input Power DC5-DC24V
信号输出/Signal output PWM
输出电流/Output Current 3*10A
控制方式/control mode 共阳极/Common anode
驱动LED数量/Driving leds 模组/Module:七彩9RGB 500PCS
灯条/Strip:30-5050 50M;60-5050 25M
RGB穿孔灯/RGB Piercing Light: 500PCS
包装尺寸/Size 110*90*25mm
重量/Net Weight 260g
Maximum Load Power 5V/150W,12V/360W,24V/720W



  效果/Effect 备注Remark   效果/Effect 备注Remark
1 静态红/Static red * 9 七色跳变/Rainbow hopping #
2 静态绿/Static Green * 10 三色渐变/Three-color gradient #
3 静态蓝/Static Blue * 11 七色渐变/Rainbow Gradient #
4 红绿色/red Green * 12 红/绿/蓝频闪/R/G/B while strobe #
5 红蓝色/red Blue * 13 七彩跳变+渐变/hopping + gradient #
6 绿蓝色/Green Blue * 14 红绿蓝渐亮渐灭/RGB gradually getting off #
7 红绿蓝/red Green Blue * 15 红绿蓝流水并闪烁/Flashing red green and blue water #
8 三色跳变/Three color # 16 同时按+-从1跑到15/At the same time+ - 1 to 15  
以上*为亮度可调,#为速度可调/* Adjustable brightness above, # of adjustable speed


MJ Lighting Source Co.,ltd


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